Monday, May 14, 2012

NCCL Tech Boot Camp Tutorial

Did we get "blogged down" Thursday evening at the NCCL Boot Camp?

This video was made entirely on an iPhone, using the built in camera,  
the HauntedFace, Cool Faces, and Photospeak apps; and then compiling it all in the iMovie  app,
and finally exporting it to YouTube.

In reparation for the techno-sins of the evening presenter, here is a step by step tutorial for creating an account and posting. Call Tim Welch at 320-252-1021 if you need help. He can control your machine via Teamviewer, and can walk with you over the phone.
  1. Create your Blogger Account and your first Blog
  2. Storyboard
  3. Add Images 
  4. Add Video
  5. Post by Email